1966 Caravel 3
The winter home of my 66 Caravel. I bought this to keep the weather off the Airstream and while it fits nicely the portable garage is not big enough to work on the trailer.
On our trip back from the WDCU's Rehoboth Beach last fall, our refrig decided to break out of the cabinet. It was never anchored down. I will re anchor it before its first voyage in April to the Cherry Blossom Rally.
The handle had been ripped off of the trailer and poorly repaired. I am ordering a new handle and will repair the holes in the sidewall before mounting the handle.

The strikers for the lock and deadbolt were both broken, leaving only 1/8 of bearing on the jamb to keep the door from springing open. I hope to find replacements. If not I'll have aluminum plates made.

Below, the entry floor had been repaired. I will be leveling the area.

Last updated 4/20/02