41 Ford Panel Truck
Well, after taking the truck out for its maiden voyage and then getting it up in the air to check the suspension, I have changed my plans. I ordered a Fatman hub to hub front end with a power rack & Pinion. The truck steers hard and with the engine I have now selected it will be even heavier.
The front end comes with an airride suspension. The rear will have airride helpers to help while pulling my vintage trailers. The four corner solenoids and rear sway bars will hopefully take alot of the sway out of the truck. The Chevy 350 needed rebuilding anyway and I happened upon a 65 buick Nailhead with TH400 trans. I plan on setting the engine up like the one on the left which will look good in the truck.
Much of the weatherstripping needs replacement. There are signs of water damege throughout the interior. The interior is in pretty good shape and needs a little attention to get it in shape. I hopefully will get most work done for spring and get it on the road.
Last updated 9/14/03