41 Ford Panel Truck
Well this is my "new" hauler that I picked up last week. It hasn't been used much recently and needs alot of TLC to get it road worthy. I flatbedded the truck home. It was a good thing because there was a quarter turn of play in the steering, the trans was a quart and a half low and two of the four brakes were gummed up to the point of not working. I plan on replacing the 68 Chevy with this one to tow the teardrop and airstream. To do that, I have to add approximately 30" to the frame so that I can install a hidden hitch. This panel body is longer than a pickup, so they extended the cab past the frame without building a longer frame. I need to tighten up the dropped eye beam suspension and add sway bars front and back.
Last updated 9/13/03