1946 KenSkill Teardrop

We have been interested in teardrops for many years. After reading about some of the gatherings, and finding that they are starting up on the East Coast also, we decided to act. We had known about this tear for sale in our hometown and couldn't decide for some time whether to buy it or build one from scratch. Finally we decided to buy it.

46 Kenskill

Chassis Since the title had disappeared through the years the tear was titled as a homebuilt. I emailed Tales & Trails, a Teardrop newsletter, and they informed me that the tear was a late 40's Ken-skill. Further research found that I have a 1946 Ken-Skill Kustom Kamper Model 10 Teardrop Trailer. It is in solid shape but the side and floor wood was replaced around ten years ago. Many of the moldings and original lighting were lost in the replacement.