Our House 2

The outside is almost complete with the exception of some of the gingerbread on the gables and porch. To the right are our weeping cherries in our back yard.

In the Parlor Dining room area, we are ripping out the fireplace(see Heather at left), rebuilding the wall between the parlor and Dining room, complete with pocket doors. A stone hearth will be built for the parlor stove. The parlor stove (below) was sent out sandblasted and primed. It will be resealed, painted and new mica glass installed.

A gas log will be inserted mostly for looks instead of heat.

I started my garage in the fall of 2003. The lower level opens into my basement and up a set of stairs to the kitchen. This is for our cars. The upper level will be a workshop for my hotrods and trailers. I even built the front door big enough to fit my Airstream if necessary. The dirt, lower left, will be used to create the ramp to the upper level.