68 Chevy Shortbed Pickup
I had a spare 800 cfm Edelbrock that I installed until I could decide what I was going to do with the engine compartment. I purchased an "almost complete" Tuned port injection unit on Ebay.
Luckily, I got it for a good price because it was far from complete. Mark, from Speed and Performance has been a great help in getting me all the miscellaneous parts I needed and burned a chip for me.
Last winter I got the truck ready to tow the trailers. I installed the TPI, had a gear venders overdrive installed and an air ride suspension.
The truck now pulls and rides great and I got the mileage from 6 mpg pulling nothing to 12 mpg pulling a 3000 pound trailer. This winter I have to finish the interior. After the 41 Ford is on the road, I'll probably sell this truck.
Last updated 8/24/03